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AMFA, the Association Médicale Franco Asiatique (Franco Asian Medical Association) has been founded in 1979 by Pr. A. Patel to promote medical cooperation and clinical exchanges with Asian countries.

Incorporated in Paris, France, AMFA is working out its office at :
6, avenue Adrien Hébrard, 75016 Paris.

Its board of directors includes professors and doctors from both the University of Paris and the Group of Paris Public Hospitals (AP/HP)

The statement of AMFA's mission by Pr. Alain Patel lists the issues of interest :

     Too many Asian countries are medically dependent today. Daily, men, women and especially children, suffer and die while they could be treated.

     With AMFA, France undertakes the task of rendering those countries self sufficient. Thanks to you, during a quarter of a century, AMFA has accomplished several enduring actions, silently, without media campaigns; only thanks to donations of currency and materials. AMFA must continue and go further.

     To equip, to train, to convey, to assure continuity: those are the four verbs that must motivate you to help; verbs that would be useless without your generosity.

     For us it is essential to be transparent in our utilization of funds on precise sectors and to be politically independent.

     To heal is not enough. We must teach others to heal. To achieve this goal, the Association and I count on your assistance and generosity.

AMFA does not limit itself to sending physicians, anesthetists, nurses and technicians, where they are needed. AMFA strives to raise the local care providers' medical level of competence to a higher level through its four priorities.

To equip

AMFA joins the hospital building and developing efforts by providing medical materials and equipment for the surgery and post op. areas. AMFA has likewise participated in the creation of the SAMU's in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Burma.

To train

AMFA's foremost mission is to train those who will use the modern medical equipment, which was unknown and unavailable to them. The training involves the care providers at all levels: surgeons, physicians, post op. care takers, radiologists and nurses. To train is to convey knowledge, technical expertise and experience.

To convey

AMFA, each year, coordinates personalized nursing training efforts in France. After one year of receiving their specialty training, in one of the Public Assistance Hospitals in Paris, the nurses will return to their respective countries. Some among them will become professors in their countries.

To assure continuity

AMFA's sending volunteer bio-medical technicians, assures the follow-up training of the local technicians, as well as the maintenance and repairs of the paramedical materials and equipment. AMFA assures the self sufficiency and the continuation of knowledge in the field of healing.

AMFA developed programs in Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand, and now concentrates mainly on Burma and Laos.

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